Carrie is still carrying her Fendi Baguette!

The iconic Fendi Baguette bag was one of the most popular accessory of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City TV Series. One of the classic moments in the series, is a particular scene.  Carrie Bradshaw’s run-in with an armed robber in season 3 sealed the importance of Fendi’s cult Baguette in pop culture history. When the thief demands she hand over her bag, an agitated Carrie memorably corrects him: “It’s a Baguette.” As Sarah Jessica Parker, who portrays the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the series, wrote in the foreword to the Rizzoli book Fendi’s Baguette (2012): “Having the Fendi Baguette was a very big deal, and the gateway to everything else.”  In the new remake of the series, behind of the scenes images have emerged showing Carrie carrying the Baguette bag - this time a bright purple glitter version. Bradshaw's most beloved accessory — the Fendi baguette bag — is reliving its moment alongside the actress who propelled it into the spotlight two decades ago. The Italian fashion house Fendi first highlighted the baguette's revival during their spring 2019 runway show, and now they've brought Sarah Jessica Parker to remind shoppers of its story. According to the Financial Times, the original baguette, which debuted in 1997, has been sold over a million times. In the 2019 revamp however, Fendi  offered the silhouette in a number of different sizes, detachable shoulder straps, and a cross-body iteration. Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand's famed creative director of accessories, acknowledged the nostalgia which inspired the bag's return, "It's nice to see things come back, but in a different way."

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