Barilla's limited edition illustrated pasta packs

Barilla has launched a limited edition box of pasta with delightful illustrations. The gift box costs € 12.99 and contains an assortment of long and short Barilla pasta and an illustrated notebook whose cover bears the signature of the illustrator Ale Giorgini. His - and Giulia Conoscenti, Andrea Boatta, Emiliano Ponzi, Massimiliano Di Lauro - are the shapes, lines and colours taken up in the original packs of pasta, collectible everyday works of art. The inspiring subject of the depictions is the Barilla Durum Wheat Manifesto, a ten-point prospectus whose contents (attention to the territory and the community, the importance of safety and sharing, and innovation, tradition, supply chain, responsibility, collaboration) were interpreted by the artists. On the packages there is a scannable QR code that refers to the site of the artistic project, to view and experience the works of the artists in augmented reality wherever you are.

11 unique illustrations were created, by as many great Italian artists and young emerging artists, transformed into original graphics with a strong visual and communicative impact, a gift from Barilla to the country and its consumers at a time when art and culture suffer severe limitations. Five of these works, transformed into graphics designed specifically for Barilla pasta packs, are now offered to consumers as small everyday art objects.


As well as the ten renewed pasta shapes made with selected 100% Italian durum wheat, whose geometries have been redesigned with the aim of obtaining the perfect tenacity for cooking al dente, also Barilla packaging is enriched with lines, shapes, symbols and colours, the result of the personal experience and sensitivity of the artists who created them and able to communicate the different points and themes of the Manifesto: attention to the territory and the community, the importance of safety and sharing, and more innovation, tradition, supply chain, responsibility, collaboration. Values that are the basis of a production process that supports Italian agriculture, local communities, the protection of the soil and the environment. The five original packs will feature, in particular, different pasta shapes, to which as many points and values of the Manifesto will be associated.

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