The “Dolce Vita Train” - the Orient Express of Italy is born

The new luxury train that crosses all of Italy: the Dolce Vita train. Discovering the beauties of Italy from the window of a luxury railway train that recalls the atmosphere of the sixties, with the desire to enjoy the wonders and pleasures of life is now possible. In fact, the “Train of the Dolce Vita” was born , a project by Arsenale and Trenitalia which started today from the capital to restore momentum and quality to tourism. A luxury train service complete with incredible elegance of the interiors, refined flavors on the plate and fabulous views. The goal is precisely to experience the Dolce Vita but inside the compartments of a train. It was presented recently, in the Presidential Hall of the Roma Ostiense station where the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia presented, as well as the Minister of Economic Development  Giancarlo Giorgetti ; the councilor for Public Works and Protection of the Territory, Mobility of the Lazio Region  Mauro Alessandri ; the mayor of Rome  Virginia Raggi; the CEO of Trenitalia  Luigi Corradi ; the CEO of Arsenale  Paolo Barletta .

Today's maiden voyage, from Rome to Civitavecchia, gave a taste of the actual service that will start in January 2023.  Five trains, 10 itineraries, 14 Regions crossed, 128 cities touched, 126 thousand kilometers in all : these are the numbers with which it will take off the slow tourism project that will involve the Peninsula from North to South. The routes, in fact, will range from the Alpine peaks to the crystalline beaches of Sicily. You can choose between 10 itineraries: from Milan to Cortina through the Brenner and Amarone roads; from Milan to Portofino passing through the vineyards of Monferrato and the homeland of the truffle; from Rome to Tarquinia passing through the Val d'Orcia and the Via Tirrenica; from the Eternal City to Matera, through the Trans-Siberian of Italy and the Gargano railway; from Palermo to Trapani along the western coast of Sicily; from Palermo to Messina in Sicily to drink between wineries and tastings.

The " Train of the Dolce Vita " promises to make passengers enjoy the charm of the area, but also the exclusivity on board with the elegant design  of the carriages, the deluxe cabins, the catering prepared by great chefs and the dedicated staff to offer luxury services. And in this regard, the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia defined the Dolce Vita Train “ a perfect project that joins forces and combines tradition and innovation “. The vaccination plan and the introduction of the Green Pass instill confidence and allow tourism to get up, even leaving by train.

There will be 10 itineraries that from north to south will allow you to take a trip in the style of the 1920s. Here are all the itineraries:

Milan – Cortina through the via del Brennero and the streets of Amarone

Milan – Portofino passing through the Monferrato vineyards and truffle areas

Rome – Tarquinia passing through the Val d’Orcia and the Via Tirrenica

Rome – Matera, through the Trans-Siberian of Italy and the Gargano railway

Palermo – Trapani along the west coast of Sicily

Palermo – Messina in the Sicily to drink between wineries and tastings.

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