Monica Bellucci embodies the Mediterranean Beauty

Monica Bellucci, now 56, still continues to embody the Mediterranean beauty without too many worries on her mind, living peacefully with her new maturity, she said in a recent interview: "How lucky to be fifty today". 

Recently, she was modelling for Dolce & Gabbana, for the Devotion bag campaign;  she has been modelling for them since 1992. 

In the cult TV series on Netflix "Call My Agent",  a man who doesn't recognize her tells her: "Do you know you look like Monica Bellucci?  She had great fun with the cameo in this series, with a bit of a dose of self-irony; especially after such successful roles as Malena, Cleopatra, Maria Maddalena, Bond girl and cast in the Oscar-nominated film The man who sold his skin by Tunisian director Ben Hania.

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