Sophia Loren in Florence to inaugurate her restaurant and receive the keys to the city

Sophia Loren arrives in Florence to inaugurate the new restaurant that bears her name, Sophia Loren Original Italian Restaurant. And for the occasion, the mayor Dario Nardella will hand-over to her the Keys to the City . The diva, icon of Italian cinema in the world, will be in the Tuscan capital on 5 June , for almost an entire day. “A beautiful city,” said Sophia, but which, unfortunately, she has had the occasion to visit a few times during her glorious career.

In the Cortile di Michelozzo of Palazzo Vecchio, the actress will receive from the Municipality the honor attributed to the great personalities who give prestige to the arts. Shortly after, the two-time Oscar-winning actress will attend the ribbon cutting of "Sophia Loren - Original Italian Food", the first of the chain of restaurants that was born, with the consent and collaboration of the Neapolitan actress. To welcome everyone as soon as you enter the restaurant, is a maxi mosaic with the face of the diva. Sophia Loren is a timeless icon, who still remains in the cinematic news and who invests in the restaurant business  which bears her name. An international name, which needs no introduction a global level, and which since its opening has attracted Florentines and tourists, and will certainly attract overseas tourists who will arrive in Florence when tourism will fully restart.

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