Bvlgari reveals the art of building bespoke perfumes

, like cream on ice cream . All, signed by the Master Perfumer  Jacques Cavallier . By varying the  number of their vaporizations , the result changes. The perfect combination (in the infinite number of possible options) is the one we like the most. 

In the wake of each new Bvlgari Allegra fragrance, we travel through stages of our Peninsula. Arriving at the destination that more than others  is the heart  of this collection: Rome. The Eternal City, cradle of the Maison, with the energy and vitality of its Dolce Vita.

The Bvlgari Allegra collection is made up of five main fragrances. The choice of your favorite Eau de Parfum based on the emotion it suggests, the journey can begin. An  all-Italian journey , full of passion, lifestyle and craftsmanship typical of the Bel Paese. The imaginary escape touches five  pleasant sensations : the bliss of a day in the sun, on a Mediterranean beach ( Riva Solare ); falling in love, tender and passionate ( Fiori D'Amore ); the warmth of family lunches, rich in pastry desserts ( Dolce Estasi ); the fun of an aperitif at sunset, on the roofs of the capital ( Rock 'N' Rome ); the exclusive charm of a masked ball during the Venice Carnival   ( Fantasia Veneta ). So the Riva Solare Eau tde Parfums suggests the bliss of a day in the sun, on a Mediterranean beach: this is the emotion suggested by the fragrance, citrusy and sparkling, Riva Solare .  Solange Smith interprets, in the countryside, the sophisticated and colorful lifestyle, typically Italian. The Dolce Estasi fragrance transports us to the heart of the famous Italian pastry shops. And in the warmth and memory of certain family lunches.  

The fun of an aperitif at sunset, on the roofs of the capital: Rock 'N' Rome is a liqueur and floriental fragrance. A tribute to the Eternal City, the cradle of the Maison.  It lights up our heart, the Fiori D'Amore fragrance . Composed with a sensual bouquet of red roses from Turkey and Bulgaria.  The Magnifying essences are added to the Eaux de Parfum . The sophisticated   fragrance mixing system is a symbol of the brand's craftsmanship. And it has the power to transform us all into skilled perfumers. Each essence, concentrated with precious natural ingredients,  distilled from the best harvests , gives the chosen fragrance a personalized touch. A  custom- made perfume , like a High Jewelry creation  .

The bright and fabulous dresses of an Italian party are a source of inspiration for the creation of the Fantasia Veneta perfume .  The Bvlgari Allegra collection also makes the environment happy. The Maison's personalized olfactory experience implies a concept of responsible luxury. A new vision in which desirable and daring objects, with vibrant colors, also have the power to safeguard the environmental heritage. The more eco-friendly side of the collection is in the designer perfume bottles. True tributes to the Italian glass art, they are made of glass (recyclable) with a single mold. Both for the body of the bottle and for the pedestal. An arduous (but eco-sustainable) undertaking for a two-tone object.

There are five Magnifying essences : Musk, Bergamot, Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli. Each contains concentrates of precious materials, distilled from the best harvests. Vaporizing them after the Eau de Parfum, they give us a personalized olfactory experience.  To play the  Maître Parfumeur you  need to equip yourself with the most loved Magnifying essence , including Musk, Bergamot, Rose, Vanilla and Patchouli, to blend it, vaporization after vaporization, with the Eau de Parfum.

Travel (olfactory) in Italy: all roads lead to Rome.

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