Prada - the inventor of the chic Nylon Bag!

Miuccia Prada designed the nylon backpack in 1984, Also called: “the Vela”. It was a backpack available in black and brown, that has been made by water resistant nylon called 'pocone'. And if there is any singular thing you would associate with Prada, it’s nylon. It’s something that’s visible in just about every collection and their near-seasonless range of nylon goods with the unmistakable Prada logo. Its newest sustainability initiative, Re-Nylon, is based around making its signature fabric workable for today’s society. In a statement for Re-Nylon, the press release called nylon “A vital component of Prada’s heritage and a hallmark of its approach to contemporary fashion” as well as “an emblem of the brand.” When Miuccia Prada took over Prada in 1977, nylon wasn’t the most popular fabric. Prada’s history before Muiccia was like that of many luxury houses, specializing in luxury leather goods with a focus on bags and trunks. By the time she joined, the design house was struggling. Muiccia Prada wanted to introduce a different spirit into the design, to reach a more youthful market. So she began using nylon, something that went relatively under the radar until she announced Prada’s new turn in product form. It was in 1984 that Miuccia Prada created the next it bag, a nylon backpack that observers would call “anti-luxury.” It would become a best seller and, more importantly, a calling card for what Prada stood for, attracting young consumers in a way the house never managed to before. She introduced bags as they were simple fashion item; in different colors and shapes. Prada would over the years refine the technique, finding an even higher grade of nylon.  Prada has now paid homage to its roots with the Re-Nylon range, focusing on accessories while using Econyl, which uses recycled nylon yarn throughout. The collection consists of a tote, shoulder bag, belt bag and, of course, two backpacks. It’s a full-circle move that Miuccia surely approves of.

A trend born last year when Miuccia Prada decided to relaunch one of the most iconic bags of the 2000s: the Re-Edition 2000 precisely. The mini bag in nylon , available in various colors, from classic like black and beige, with the most delicious like pink and pistachio green. An It Bag that, in no time at all, appeared on the arm of the most stylish celebs and influencers who opted for a # maipiùsenza. Among the reasons for the great success of nylon bags there are some priceless qualities such as extreme versatility (they really fit with everything, from jeans to evening dress: try it if you don't believe it!), Practicality and the fact that they are easy to be cleaned and that they do not get damaged as easily as the leather "colleagues". Which makes them real "battle bags" perfect for every day and for all occasions.

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