Cavalletti - Rome's most famous pastry shop

Pasticceria Cavalletti opens a new pastry shop: the Pasticceria with the most famous Millefoglie in the world opens a new shop in northern Rome . The historic pastry shop in via Nemorense, famous all over the world for its Millefoglie , has a new store in the heart of Vigna Clara. "We are happy to inform you that you can also find Cavalletti's delights in via di Vigna Stelluti, 204" - reads the Facebook page of the business

For almost seventy years the symbol of Rome in the world with the Millefoglie, the famous three-tiered dessert filled with chantilly cream flavored with marsala, to be the undisputed strong point: also appreciated by Queen Elizabeth who has had it sent several times at Buckingham Palace. “But Cavalletti is not just Millefoglie” - the owners are keen to underline.  „However, it is which dominates our reputation. But what its secret? “The secret remains secret” - Claudia Cavalletti jokes....The Millefoglie we can say that it has remained the same as what Sergio Cavalletti prepared: the recipe has never been changed, we have kept the tradition certainly making use of modern means. The care also lies in making it fresh every day with top quality ingredients ".  

„An all-Roman highlight that, just a year ago, risked being strangled in the grip of the pandemic (it remained closed from March to September 2020). And that instead thanks to a virtuous rescue operation carried out by Christian Delle Fave, a veteran entrepreneur in the food sector who has taken over the reins, is preparing to inaugurate a new “Cavalletti era”, in perfect balance between respect for tradition and a contemporary vision of pastry art. On the one hand there is the desire to preserve the heritage of recipes and craftsmanship kept for seventy years in the kitchens of the historic headquarters in via Nemorense, which has remained until now the only laboratory with the official sales point of the brand, and on the other hand the intention to renew and replicate the Cavalletti formula, also projecting it on the international market with new formats and solutions.“

„It is in this far-sighted perspective that the project of a Cavalletti store in a luxury boutique version , that of Vigna Clara, came to life: opened in the very year in which Cavalletti celebrates the seventieth anniversary of its foundation.. A place immersed in the latest generation design, between precious materials and high-tech solutions open A sort of jewelry of taste, wrapped in shades of blue (the historic company color), where instead of diamonds and necklaces, Millefoglie and other specialties of the house, in a surprising kaleidoscope of new flavors and formats. The original ones are unmissable, to which, however, Cavalletti now adds the delicious mignon versions, perfect to be enjoyed on the fly or given as gifts in sophisticated bijoux packages. „From the drawers of the elegant refrigerated counter in the center of the shop you can choose between soft babà, sacher cakes, Neapolitan pastiere or Sicilian cassata, then the famous tiramisu without mascarpone by Cavalletti, nougat, crunchy, montblanc and typical Roman sweets such as pangiallo, chestnut and gingerbread. But also croissants and a collection of baby Millefogliedeclinati in dozens of different shapes and variations: in addition to the original, there are those with wild strawberries, custard, pistachio, chocolate, gianduia or with marron glacé.“

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