Somebody Feed Phil - Puglia Episodes

Somebody Feed Phil is an American television travel documentary presented by Philip Rosenthal that premiered on Netflix on January 12, 2018. Each episode follows Rosenthal touring the cuisine of the episode's featured city. Rosenthal, born in New York, is a writer and a television producer who over the years has convinced people of quality food and international tourism. And it may now be filming in Puglia thanks to  the close friendship between the kitchen guru and Nancy dell'Olio, a lawyer originally from Bisceglie and former partner of the coach Sven-Göran Eriksson, called by the governor Michele Emiliano to cover the role of "ambassador" of Puglia in the world. The personal relationship between the two (Rosenthal and dell'Olio) has triggered the chain of opportunities and the agreement reached will lead the producer to include the heel of Italy among the places to "visit" in the fifth series of the transmission.

The plan, in fact, is to enter into a contract between the Rosenthal company and the regional agency Pugliapromento which has the resources to support the initiative. From an operational point of view, Rosenthal should arrive in Puglia for the summer and the goal is to shoot at least 3 or 4 hours of broadcasting in order to include the Apulian stage in the 2021/2023 programming. Somebody Feed Phil is in its fourth season and has already "visited" numerous cities. In 2018, Bangkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans, Mexico City, and then (second season) Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Cape Town and New York City were the subject of in-depth study (first season). In 2019 it touched (third season) in Marrakesh, Chicago, London, Seoul and Montreal, while in 2020 (fourth season) the kitchens of Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Singapore, the Mississippi Delta and Hawaii were unveiled.

Nancy Dell'Olio was selected as an ambassador of Puglia in the world. The 57-year-old lawyer, born in New York but returned to Puglia as a child - in Bisceglie - is the winner of the public selection for "a senior expert for international public relations activities for Apulians around the world". The task was entrusted to her by the regional agency Pugliapromento. For Puglia, this promotion will be crucial given the covid-19 pandemic, although Puglia has seen a substantial vaccination campaign. A large part of the population, is already immunized, so much so that it is allowed to travel. For this reason, dell'Olio's initiative is to be included in the lines of relaunching local tourism. She is committed to making the many segments of Apulian tourism known to the world useful for relaunching the market: from relaxation and wellness to food and wine, from the sea to that of nature. Hence, the collaboration with "Somebody feed Phil" collaboration.

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