Eveningwear at Milan Fashion Week Sparkles and Seduces

Finally we are seeing some glamour again; in particular from some of the up-and-coming brands which went maximalist with couture-like silhouettes.  But there were no after-show parties: Milan Fashion Week was a virtual happening with no real opportunity for champagne sipping, small talk and gourmet canapés!

At the moment many consumers have become used to partying remotely via Zoom, but hopefully there will be a time when dressing up to go to a club will be back, and there was most certainly some stunning outfits on show for that occasion!

While former Gucci VIP designer Daniel Del Core went full-on couture — with silhouettes showing crystals, floral appliqués and organic-inspired draping — and Valentina Nervi for her Nervi brand took a similar, maximalist approach.

Whereas, established names kept it classy and restrained with just a dash of flamboyancy. With the formula of two fashion shows at the same time, Giorgio Armani presented the autumn / winter 2021-22 collections with two separate videos . Under the gaze of Uri , the gorilla / primate in faithful reproduction who lives in the Armani house .

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