The new sustainable concept store by Benetton in Florence

Benetton CEO Massimo Renon hailed the concept as “unique in the world and setting the benchmark for the future of retail,” with interiors made with new materials created from textile industry scraps. Benetton's new concept store with low environmental impact has opened in Florence. Upcycled, environmentally friendly materials. State-of-the-art, energy-saving technologies. Pieces featuring a heightened sustainability. The result of research and innovation, the new store, opposite the Santa Maria Novella train station, is part of a sustainability project that we’re carrying out. Mission: become a model for sustainable fashion – not only in Italy, but throughout the entire world. The 160-square meter boutique makes abundant use of upcycled natural materials. The floor is made with gravel from the river Piave and waste wood from beech trees brought down by the Vaia storm, while the walls are treated with a mineral paint. The store interiors are made with new materials created from textile industry scrap. Used buttons have become perimeter platforms and bases of display stands. Recycled wool makes up the design and decoration. Display bases and mannequins are made in “rossino”, a material created from upcycled, mixed textile fibres.

The new shop uses 20% less energy than a standard store, with its sophisticated technology that maximizes energy efficiency and guarantees comfort for the customer. Furthering the mission to save energy, even the new windows are equipped with transparent LED screens. The collections featured are also sustainable, with organic, recycled or BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton, regenerated nylon and natural fibres. The very same green philosophy goes for organic cotton shopper bags, washable and easily recyclable, or in paper bags made with materials sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.

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