Missoni 2021 Collection - Happy Fashion!

In the current pandemic environment and the impossibility of staging a fashion show, Missoni finds a new way to communicate and excite using the digital format to tell its world of color, relaxed elegance, uniqueness, comfort and femininity. A world where the boundaries between the seasons vanish and fashion reflects the most authentic lifestyle of today's women. From sporty outdoor clothes to garments  with a metropolitan appeal, Missoni with its collection tells the lives of autonomous, independent personalities with a strong and distinctive style. The digital show shares the spirit of a generation that nourishes a strong desire for carefree and rediscovered sociability. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are mixed together, giving life to the new happy Missoni 2021 collection.

Knit is the first thing you think of when you think about comfort, and that’s how Missoni started. Angela Missoni's observation: “When you go to a show, you get the look of the season. But I didn’t want to have that because this moment in time makes us understand that we are over that. We’ve been over seasons for a long time. I wanted to show the spirit of a group of girls in different moments of real life.” In the digital show, you see a group of women moving through everyday-life scenarios—business, leisure, party, and travel—the collections embraced comfort in a big way - presented with a smile.

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