Giorgio Armani's Homage to Milan - the Privé collection

This high fashion collection that Giorgio Armani dedicates to the city that adopted him and that he loves deeply should have been shown in Milan, and not in Paris like the previous ones. The latest collection was born as a tribute to Milan : the Giorgio Armani Privé spring summer 2021 collection entitled In tribute to Milan is an emotional concentration of what its author thinks of fashion, women and Milan .

In the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Orsini , headquarters of Giorgio Armani SpA and where, in addition to the frescoed halls, there is also his Haute Couture studio where Giorgio Armani is radiant, serene and very proactive. Joyful and apparently in contradiction with the period in which it was conceived the Giorgio Armani Privé Collection, he says:" is a recognition of what Milan can still be, that is, an island of elegance and calm, of beauty not exhibited. The other day I was looking at the empty streets of Milan, without people, and I thought “what beautiful buildings, what elegance”…

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