Italian Nostalgia for the 70s style!

Italian Designer Spring summer 2021 fashion trend: 70s style. The catwalk looks and the garments and accessories to wear have a distinct 70's feel! Back in the 70s everything was legal and that everything was possible. From hippies to Disco Inferno, the '70s profoundly marked the fashion of the time and today it turns out to be a decade to be cited, re-invented and interpreted by Italian Designers. Given the popularity of crochet in the ’70s with Macramé style which was all the rage in the 70s.  ;  re-interpreted by Valentino in his Spring Summer Collection.

Hippie women often wore loose-fitting and leisurely garments like kaftans, flower child peasant tops, maxi dresses and bell bottoms. This represented a shift from the more tailored, formal A-line dresses of the 1960s. Flowing fabrics grew in popularity as well. Light cotton, voile, chiffon, viscose rayons became standards of the era. Re-interpreted by Valentino in the Spring Summer collection FY22.

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