Nonna's Neapolitan traditional Genoese sauce with super creamy onions

A good, tasty and tasty recipe that takes us back to "Nonna's - grandmother's house. The scent of the gnocchi spread out on the table, of the onion being cooked, of the meat sauce. This is a dish in the Neapolitan tradition that does not need many words, only love and care: it is the  famous Genovese sauce. A dish made entirely of onions and meat: there are many other variations: there are those who add the salami, some add tomato, there are those who like it drier other again creamier. The Genovese is also good the next day, re-heated. Here's the recipe:


500 grams of pasta (ziti, candelabra, paccheri); 3 kilos of onion (you can choose both white and Tropea red ones)

1 kg of Lacerto (or walker); salami (a generous piece); salt pepper; chili pepper; 2 carrots; celery; oil


In a saucepan, add the oil, the onions you have cut into small slices, the celery and the carrots. When everything is wilted, add the meat, a glass of white wine and salt. Let it cook for a couple of hours on a slow flame, let all the juices come out and bind to the others. When the outside of the meat has taken on a color tending to "cooked" (brown and the fat around it has shriveled) then turn off.

Second firing

The procedures, or rather the cooking, are various, about 3 or 4 and done every two or three hours. A bit like ragù, this is because the onion must thicken.

The day after

A few hours before lunch or dinner (but we recommend lunch given the digestibility of the onion) cook for another hour. Before eating it, heat it up and add the salami.

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The pasta

In a saucepan, cook the pasta (boiling the water first). Once al dente, drain and add the sauce. A little pepper, and a sprinkle of Parmesan. There is that creates a mixture of pecorino and parmesan and good appetite.

 PS. La Genovese  is a typical Neapolitan Beef and Onion Pasta Sauce.

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