V Magazine - Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk in the new cult calendar from Giorgio Armani

Fashion icon Giorgio Armani (86) started his underwear collection 40 years ago. With the US magazine "V", the fashion designer is now celebrating this anniversary with a limited calendar for 2021. Posing in the calendar are Mega models like Irina Shayk (35) or Bella Hadid (24).Bella Hadid graces the cover of the annual limited-edition calendar, this year in partnership with Emporio Armani.

Welcoming 2021 with open arms and a sigh of relief, we proudly present our annual limited-edition calendar. In partnership with Emporio Armani, this year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Italian fashion label with the iconic Bella Hadid spearheading the new year’s cover. A diverse cast of models donning the latest in Emporio Armani underwear follow, from the boundary-breaking trans model Valentina Sampaio to NFL star DeAndre Hopkins and more. With each model lensed across twelve cities around the globe by twelve world-renowned photographers, such as Steven Klein and Rennell Medrano, the final product is a resolute creative collaboration—while very much apart— in welcoming a new dawn in what we all hope to be a happy and healthy New Year. Start your 2021 on a high note and purchase your calendar today in the V Magazine online shop, which includes our forthcoming spring preview issue! 

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