The Artisan Panettone is very popular - in all of Italy!

The Artisan Panettone is very popular.  There are options with pistachio, figs and walnuts, black cherry, white or black chocolate, or traditional with candied fruit and raisins. Or for the more sophisticated, this year there is also a "sea water" edition with a mixture slightly savory and candied peach or cinnamon and apple to recall the atmosphere of the northern countries. Here just a few examples.

Cesena - Emilia-Romagna Region

There is something for all tastes but, this year, it seems that a common thread unites all the artisanal panettone, that is, they sell themselves. It will be to compensate for the Covid restrictions or because quality has won over quantity, but the people of Cesena for example, have in this strange year 2020 wanted to treat each other well and, in recent weeks, snubbing industrial products a little, they have poured into the purchase of fresh and personalized panettone, such as from the Le Gelaterie Leoni di Cesena  , investing a bit more money but in the end also rewarding the efforts of local pastry shops and bakeries. Many have also chosen it as a gift, having it delivered to friends and relatives as a Christmas present. 

 The Pasticceria Claudio located in via Viareggio, Cesena. "We have had many requests for traditional but also customized panettone; but we have not been able to make vegan panettone. Our most favorite Panettone is the Pistacchio Panettone which sells very well. But also other Panettone types such as with chocolate chips, or the one with orange peel and raisins are much loved.  We are also preparing some special options such as with Chantilly cream or chocolate cream, which are simply divine."


A panettone flavored like a Caprese cake, filled with chocolate and almonds: this is the Christmas idea of the manager of the Alberto bar on Capri, in the shadow of the bell tower in the historic Piazzetta, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dessert made on the island for the first time in 1920.


According to tradition, in that year  the Caprese Chef, Carmine Di Fiore, was commissioned o make a simple cake with almonds for three criminals, who arrived on the blue island to buy a batch of gaiters for Al Capone. The Chef, however forgot to add the flour, essential element to complete the cake dough. Hence the Torta Caprese was born! 

Sorrento - Amalfi Coast

 The craftsmanship, the quality of the raw materials and the use of mother yeast are the basis of this delicious panettone, made according to the ancient traditional recipe and stuffed with heady lemon cubes from Sorrento and covered with lemon cream and chocolate curls. This Artisan panettone from the Pasticceria Mama Grazia in Salerno has a very fragrant dough thanks to the typical Sorrento lemon, white chocolate glaze and a touch of crunchiness given by the almonds.

Carpenedolo - Brescia - best Chocolate Panettone

The Masters of Panettone: the best homemade chocolate panettone is from Brescia with the winner Andrea Visani.


A sprinkling of Brescian pride in the homeland of the best known and most consumed Christmas cake in Italy (and beyond): the young Andrea Visani, 33, baker and pastry chef in the family shop in Carpenedolo, the winner of the fourth edition of the contest for the Best homemade chocolate panettone organized by Italian Gourmet.

The awards ceremony took place on the eve of Saint Lucia: Visani, already in second place in other Italian and international competitions - such as "The best panettone in the world" and "Mastro panettone", where among other things other pastry chefs from Brescia were awarded.

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