The trends for Christmas 2020 according to the bon ton and table decor expert Giorgia Fantin Borghi

This Christmas, we are abandoning the minimal style, as this year Christmas will be comfortable and comforting, in search of a warm and suggestive atmosphere typical of a winter nest, with particular attention to the feeling of protection, dreams, magic and hope for the future. This is being suggested by Giorgia Fantin Borghi, one of the most established professionals in wedding planning and in the organization of special events related to the art of the table and good reception. And who could blame her for that. In such a particular and atypical year, with no reference points, Christmas has an even higher symbolic and emotional value.

She is suggesting " that even more attention will be given to the people present or invited, choosing personalized details and dedicated, with a strong emotional and symbolic value: an embroidered napkin, a small lucky object, a particular place card. A little creativity in using what we have at home, but also the use of what nature offers such as: fir branches, colored fruits and fragrant berries, will allow us to recreate the warmth of the home and that feeling of family that we love so much, creating a comfort zone that can warm souls ».

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