Rome's Xmas Tree being inaugurated on 8 December

Spelacchio 2020, the Christmas tree in Rome will be inaugurated on 8 December. This year the municipality of Rome pays for the tree:  140 thousand euros for the tree in Piazza Venezia. 

“One star leaving the city - Tom Cruise with his production of Mission Impossible in Rome, and Rome is welcoming another star - Spelacchio 2020. It will be a natural fir tree of the type Abies Nordmanniana, about 23 meters high and with a diameter of the crown at the base of 12 meters. It will be supplied by a nursery in the province of Varese and it will be illuminated with 100,000 LED lights and decorated with 800 spheres in four colors: red, silver, deep gold and light gold. As usual, the Mayor of Rome Virginia Ragg will inaugurate it on 8 December.

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