A must read! Bulgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers

A must read for the Festive Season: ‘Bulgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers’ is both a guidebook and a journey through the fascinating history of the Italian jewelry house. Even frequent travelers to Rome, will discover some new insights - and particularly glamorous. 


Paolo Bulgari, grandson of the master silversmith Sotirio Bulgari and former chairman of the luxury brand, documented his love for Rome in a collection of postcards from famous names linked to the city. These were collated and published in Bulgari’s new portable guidebook to Rome.

‘ Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers' includes short stories and contributions from the most established names in contemporary Italian literature as well those in pop, film, sport and fashion, all of whom reveal their love for the ancient city. Contributors include Lily Aldridge, Anna Della Russo, Roberto Rossellini, Boy George and members of the Bulgari family are among the stylish crew who shared insights to the guidebook. 

 The book highlights  how Rome’s well-known landmarks have been a regular source of inspiration for Bulgari and its timeless designs since the house opened its first shop there back in 1884. For example, the design for Bulgari’s famous B-zero1 ring was inspired by the architectural dimensions of the curved walls of the Colosseum. Another example is how the ceiling of the Basilica of Maxentius inspired  the brand’s octagonal watch dials.

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