Time for Italian Dolce Vita - Listen to Sophia Loren's fabulous songs

At just twenty-three, Sophia Loren was already something of a star, in both Italy and Internationally , but few knew of her past as a singer: her delicate voice, well in tune and full of passion was not bad at all. The way she sings the Neapolitan song Che m'è mperato 'a fa with, from the two authors Dino Verde and Armando Trovajoli is just divine. Her voice well in tune and full of passion which perfectly accompanied the music written by Maestro Armando Trovajoli, the one who then wrote many other hits such as the famous Roma nun fa la stupida stasera.

Sophia Loren has released three albums in her career: Peter and Sophia with Peter Sellers in 1960; Poems by Salvatore Di Giacomo in 1963;  Man of La Mancha with Peter O’Toole, James Coco, Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion in 1972. None of these have become a classic of  the world music, but Loren has interpreted many famous songs: Tu vuo ’fa’ l'americano by Renato Carosone with Paolo Bacilieri; Betty Curtis Soldi Soldi Soldi; Era de Maggio, perhaps Di Giacomo's most famous poem in music. However, his most famous song of all is probably Che me ‘mparato a fa.

Songs such as "Carina"  from the movie "It started in Naples" or "Mambo Bacan" or "Bing Bang Bong" and "Almost in your arms"  from the House Boat or "Goodness Gracious Me"  and "Zoo be Zoo" from her movie with Peter Sellers are just fun to listen to.

The CD Sophia Loren - Le Canzoni di Sophia Loren from 1997, covers all these fabulous songs. Enjoy!

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