The designer selection of the Best Italian kitchen brands for your dream kitchen!

The Italian kitchen represents the nerve center of a home, not only as a space in which to prepare, cook, and eat meals, but as a place for everyday life. There are many great kitchen brands, but there is no doubt that these Italian brands have are targeting the cooking passionates and Italian Design fans! These brands do not just stand for immaculate and clever functional but elegant design, but also address  different kitchen styles for apartments, houses or units.


Among the household names in the kitchen industry is Boffi, a company that has been interpreting the evolution of taste and technology for over fifty years, remaining synonymous with innovation and design at an international level.  Amidst the brand’s collections are projects signed by some important names in Italian design. Among these, Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, and Joe Colombo stand out for having designed the mini wheeled kitchen for Boffi in the sixties. It was an experimental project, at the time made of wood, and today offered in Corian® or marine plywood suitable for outdoors.

Dada Kitchen

Among the best Italian kitchen brands, there are also Dada Kitchens, a historic company founded in 1926 as a small carpentry workshop, which over time has grown to become one of the leading Italian brands in the industry. One of the latest creations by Dada is Ratio by Vincent Van Duysen.  It is a modular island kitchen with furniture and accessories designed to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated user. It is composed of a metal structure that defines the architecture of the base, wall units, columns, hoods, and other accessories, playing between full and empty volumes, in an elegant play of balances. On a regular basis, Dada Molteni Kitchen sponsor events, such as the Cook-off at the Jaguar Landrover Winter Tour at Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Arclinea Designer Kitchen

Arclinea is well-known as another of the first-rate companies in the high-end designer kitchen industry. A company born at the beginning of the 20th century that has spanned throughout Italian history until today. Among the most important collaborations of the brand is the one with Antonio Citterio who, since 1986, has designed some of the brand’s main products investigating the ways and habits of kitchen space living.

One example is Italia, the professional kitchen designed for the home. Made completely in stainless steel, the Italia model is equipped with large worktops, spacious containers, internally equipped in an organized and efficient way, with extended cooktops, two differentiated and separate washing areas: for dishes on one side and for food on the other. Also high is the level of customization of the proposals, which are able to satisfy every need: from the layout to the finishes to the accessories. Arclinea often supports special cooking events such as the “La Forma del Gusto” event in their Via Durini space in Milan, with chef Fabio Pisani of Aimo and Nadia Bistrot. 

Giorgetti Kitchens

Giorgetti has recently launched its own kitchen collection to be among the leading Italian kitchen brands. It is a century-old Italian company with international breadth, which only in 2017 introduced kitchen in the catalog. GK01 GK02 and GK03 are the proposed models characterized by primary and linear geometric shapes with customizable finishes according to customer request.

After the first episode of Pinkham Point, Giorgetti has launched the second episode on the Giorgetti Channel, revealing the atmosphere in the dining room and kitchen. In the kitchen, the absolute protagonist is GK.03, a project featuring combinations of fine materials that produce striking visual impact. The kitchen is the place where the greatest interior decorating furnishing schemes integrate to form a prestigious environment.Giorgetti was also  present at the 60th edition of the Genoa Boat Show, held from 1 to 6 October 2020. 

Poliform Kitchen

A modern kitchen must be able to meet the daily needs of today and tomorrow.

This is how Poliform‘s timeless proposals are born. They are kitchens characterized by functionality and essentiality, the main interpreters of the contemporary kitchen.

The proposals of Poliform marry the idea of an open space where the living area and kitchen coexist perfectly. Among the cutting-edge proposals we find Trail and Twelve, both signed by Carlo Colombo. Two models that differently interpret an important element in the kitchen: the handle.

The book Time, Light, Space is a picture story; a book that strikes a stunning balance between the objects and the eye of the beholder, showcasing years of creation, commitment, cooperation and encounters at Poliform. And where the projects that make Poliform a touchstone for modern living are translated into the photographic language of a master of light, Paolo Roversi.

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