Artisan Pride - Made in Italy

Italian Artisans in the fashion and design industry are world reknown. But in addition to the famous large Italian designer brands, there is a network of many small design businesses that have made Made in Italy, the real thing, influenced the Italian design ideology. Businesses with drive and energy, and boundless courage, which must be encouraged and supported. Because this is where Italy can start again, given the current pandemic and its economic implications for Italy. Smaller Design firms such as Tiziano Guardini or Gedebe or Simona Corsellini or Benedetta Bruzziches or Gavazzeni or  L'est Handbags.

Over 65 thousand manufacturers, a turnover of 95 billion euros: this is the Italian fashion supply chain, the country's second largest economic sector. A unique  business model in the world, which involves more than 600 thousand artisans of small and micro businesses, custodians of  know-how handed down from generation to generation. Beyond the large global Italian brands, there is a universe of companies, often family businesses going back centuries, despite many difficulties and challenges. They have never given up, continued to focus on 100% Italian raw materials, supply chain and labor. Because this is the only way to guarantee excellence and will help Italy get back on track. Small companies have an economic strength that does not allow them to invest in fashion shows or top models, but which is used both to support the invaluable work of craftsmen and to buy hi-tech machinery to complement their experience.

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