The Amalfi Lemon - the symbol for the Amalfi Coast

While exploring the towns of the Amalfi Coast, travellers are likely to notice that the lemons here are larger than they are used to. The "Limone Costa d'Amalfi" PGI is a product with very valuable and renowned characteristics: the skin is of medium thickness, of a particularly light yellow color, with an intense aroma and aroma thanks to the richness of essential oils and terpenes (character considered for the production of lemon liqueur).  They are called the Sfusato lemon (about two to three times the size of a supermarket lemon) and there is also the giant-sized, Cedro Citron variety of lemons.

One of the precious use for the Amalfi lemon, is the famous Limoncello di Amalfi. The secret to make a unique Limoncello is the quality of the lemons used. The Amalfi Coast Lemon is the only one in the world to have a similar concentration of fragrant essential oils. From the infusion of peels of only Organic P.G.I. Amalfi Coast Lemons we obtain the authentic Amalfi Limoncello.

Drink it cold as a digestive liqueur or use it for the preparation of cocktails, aperitifs and desserts.

Any residues or sediments are proof of the natural genuineness of the product and of the strictly handmade process.

If you feel very extravagant, why not consider the exclusively designed bottle of D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme outshines with three single cut flawless diamonds that total up to 13 cts on the neck. The body contains one of the world’s rarest diamonds which is sized 18.5 cts. The spirit contained in this dazzling bottle is invented by Italy’s Antica Distilleria Russo. Only two such bottles were created of which one was commissioned for an unidentified lady from Italy and other one is waiting to reach your home bar for a price of £27 million ($43.6 million).

Another fabulous use for the famous Amalfi Lemon, is a dish famous along the entire Amalfi Coast - Taglioni al limone. The tagliolini al limone are a first course with a fresh and appetizing flavor, consisting of a few simple ingredients which, expertly combined, will give you a refined dish suitable for special occasions. If you have the opportunity to get Amalfi lemons - even better if not treated, so you can use the peel - the lemon paste thus prepared is one of the most suitable recipes to make the most of all their aroma.

To prepare this dish, you only need egg pasta, 1 lemon, a little oil and a little butter, which helps to bind pasta and seasoning well and favors the creation of a delicious creamy sauce. The addition of chopped fresh parsley, with the lemon creates a fabulous flavor and color to the dish.


350 g Egg-based Tagliolini; 1 lemon (juice); 1 teaspoon lemon zest (grated); 30 g Butter; 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil; 1  bunch of parsley; q.s. Coarse salt.


To prepare the tagliolini al limone, start by washing the lemon thoroughly, dry it and grate a little of its zest , taking care not to damage the white part that is rather bitter. Pour the oil into a large pan and add the butter and heat them over low heat until the butter is melted. At this point, add the zest and lemon juice and cook for about ten seconds. Switch the heat off. Boil the pasta in abundant boiling salted water; just before draining them, take a cup of cooking water which you will need to stir the pasta. Drain them al dente and transfer them to the pan with the sauce. Keep them for about a minute, adding a little cooking water. When they have formed a nice creamy sauce, turn off the heat and add the chopped parsley.

Serve the tagliolini al limone immediately. Grazie a Giallio Zafferano! And also a favorite pasta dish of Sophia Loren! 

There are a number of great restaurants in Amalfi to try Spaghetti al Limone and other dishes famous for the Campania cuisine. Try la Taverna degli apostoli- in Amalfi, for an exceptional Spaghetti al Limone.

Or  La Caravella restaurant in Amalfi which follows modern culinary itineraries, but it always respects what is the extraordinary tradition of Campania cuisine. Or at the seafront of  Amalfi,  the Lido Azzurro Restaurant guarantees seafood recipes with an ancient, authentic and genuine flavor, with a very careful selection of ingredients.

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