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Positano is a real pearl on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, one of the most desirable holiday destinationns with breathtaking landscapes, intense blue sea, fantastic food, and a bohemian lifestyle. Positano has been loved by celebrities since the 1960s,and shaped a style of  dressing that is still in vogue today. It is a vertical village, which stretches with its colorful houses along a rocky ridge of the Lattari mountains, with beautiful hotels, beach resorts and restaurants along its coast.

Last week, stretches of free beaches in Positano  were opened up by the Municipal Administration of Positano managed by the concessionaires of the adjacent bathing establishments. The stretches of free beach are therefore equipped with stalls spaced according to the rules. 20% of the free beach is free for residents, while non-residents can access it with a contribution of 10 euros.

A beautiful day can only start from a fantastic breakfast, especially in Positano, with its many steps, you need a great deal of energy. Therefore, a great excuse to pop into one of the historical cafes like La Zagara and treat yourself with an delicious pastry, a slice of cake or a brioche. On top of that, the Zagara has a terrace with a stunning view under a  beautiful citrus pergola, fragrant. Shade, sea breeze, the scent of lemons and oranges, pastel small houses shining and shiny, coffee and dessert: can you want more? No, but of course you will have to get up earlier or later ... and discover the other local delights, not only the culinary ones!

The Church of Santa Maria Teresa dell'Assunta, dates back to the 10th century, is practically the symbol of Positano: its majolica dome welcomes visitors who come from the sea and is the center of the town. It is truly beautiful, glistening under the light of the Mediterranean, with its yellow and green majolica tiles that recall the Sun and the vegetation of Positano. 

Positano: its essence are its alleys, its mazes, its narrow streets that climb or descend along the mountain among pebbles, pergolas, shops, clubs, stairs and ladders. Strolling through its streets, without haste, enjoying the beauty of the place, is a must that will also allow you to relax and to tick off 'things to see' items in Positano.

Positano is  a way of life! Lightness, freshness, elegance, sun, sea, intense Mediterranean scents ... all characteristics that have given life to a style of clothing that still seduces us today. It was called  'hippy chic in the 60s' but still inspires visitors today. Dresses, tunics and shirts in linen, San Gallo or light cotton, white or pastel, straw hats with a wide brim, perhaps decorated, and inevitable flat leather sandals, with beads or marine elements applied. For him, in addition to linen clothes, a nice borsalino. Positano fashion combines elegance and comfort in a chic and easy style, classy but not sloppy. Walking through the alleys of Positano, you will find many shops and shops where you will be spoiled for choice for shopping, but above all I recommend you to get sandals: because they are the most famous thing but also because the craftsmen make them by hand and based on the model you want. Stylistic, personalized and perfect for your feet!

The main beach of Positano is Spiaggia Grande, where pebbles fade into the turquoise waters, which have earned the Blue Flag. The location is stunning; imagine: on one side, the view on the Li Galli (or Sirenuse, where according to legend) the sirens who tried to enchant Ulysses took refuge, on the other on the colored houses clinging to the mountain. A few steps, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bars, clubs: for aperitifs, lunches or dinners among the most appetizing that you can enjoy.

In Positano, the culinary delights of the area are many and it is practically impossible to resist ... After a nice walk or a nice swim and we are ready for dinner! Any suggestions? Mozzarella in lemon leaves, fish in every way, spaghetti with clams, octopus, mussels, pasta with Cetara anchovy, limoncello, and the typical dessert: the lemon delight which is a  sponge cake soaked in limoncello and on top a thin icing of lemon cream. 

Positano beach is certainly one of the most popular and at the same time most crowded areas. It is here that an incredible number of restaurants are concentrated which, starting from the port, follow one another along the entire beach.

Il Tridente in Positano has stunning views over Positano, and is famous for its local cuisine and fresh seafood, whether for lunch or dinner.

Capricci Ristorante is more informal and open all day, Capricci is perfect for a quick meal before tackling the day or returning from the sea. Pizza, pasta, fried food, absolutely nothing is missing.

Covo dei Saraceni: Located inside the famous 5-star hotel, it offers both a restaurant terrace located inside the structure and an outdoor and more informal space just a stone's throw from the port. The pizza in the snack area is known as one of the best in Positano.

La Brezza is a small restaurant overlooking the Positano beach. Perfect for breakfast or lunch. La Brezza is known above all by the people of Positano who appreciate the quality of the food, the innovative drinks and the friendliness of the staff.

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