Wear a piece of Capri!

A holiday destination favoured by jet-setters, artists, writers and entrepreneurs, Capri saw the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Ingrid Bergman, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas falling in love with Chanctecler’s beautiful jewellery designs – all inspired by the island.

Chantecler has been giving life to the heart of Capri with a thriving company, committed to seek the beauty of precious stones and metals, through their unique designs.  An integral part of the island’s, the legendary local jeweller has catered to Capri’s chic seasonal inhabitants since the 1940s.  

Chantecler's clients may arrive on their yachts or jets and come directly to the store to see  the new jewels, while being offered a glass of Champagne . The daughter of the original founder, Costanza Aprea, herself a designer who took over from her father. Clients have been known to spend hours at the jewellery shop mulling over new sketches and perusing Chantecler’s latest gemstones and pearl discoveries. But custom-design pieces can take a while to be finalised, as each design is like a work of art. But you don't have to travel to Capri t wear a piece from Chantecler. Their designs are available through exclusive online retailers, such as Liguori or Callegaro.

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