Italian & Hollywood Films to watch over Easter

Jesus of Nazareth - Zeffirelli Classic

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)-  Franco Zeffirelli tells the life of Jesus in six episodes. The film was initially produced for Italian TV, but thanks to the enormous success, the film was broadcast worldwide.Beginning before the Nativity and extending though the Crucifixion and Resurrection, "Jesus Of Nazareth" brings to life all the majesty and sweeping drama of the life of Jesus (portrayed here by Robert Powell) as told in the Gospels. A star-studded cast featuring Michael York, Sir Laurence Olivier, James Earl Jones, Anne Bancroft, Olivia Hussey, Rod Steiger and Anthony Quinn, adds depth and humanity to the roles of the saints, sinners and ordinary people who walked in the footsteps of the Lord. The film provides the setting and background for the birth, childhood, baptism, teaching, and many miracles of the Messiah, culminating in the Divine Resurrection. Directed by Oscar(R) nominee Franco Zeffirelli and acclaimed by critics and religious leaders worldwide, "Jesus Of Nazareth" tells the greatest of all stories with tremendous emotion and splendour.

The Messiah - Roberto Rossellini

The Messiah - directed by Roberto Rossellini (his final film). Rossellini takes numerous liberties with the original source material, rearranging and omitting events at will, presenting everything in a low-key, highly undramatic fashion. The film begins in Old Testament times, allowing Rossellini to present the story of Jesus in its ancient, historic context. The Messiah is historically important as the last directorial effort of Roberto Rossellini. In retelling the life of Christ, Rossellini harks back to the humanist style, he utilized in his projects of the 1960s. The Man from Galilee is shown as one who is unusually moral and of spotless character.

The Ten Commandments - Cecil DeMille

The Ten Commandments  is a 1956 colossal  film directed by Cecil B. DeMille, nominated for 7 Oscar Awards. It tells the life of Moses, a Jewish child saved by his mother from the massacre of the firstborn wanted by the pharaoh, who is adopted and raised by the sovereign's sister. Moses becomes prince of Egypt, and when he discovers his origins, he decides to leave his life of wealth and ease forever by facing the wrath of Pharaoh Ramesses II, and managing to restore freedom to the people, forced into slavery.

Easter Parade - Hollywood Classic

For those who love classic cinema, the beautiful musical  Easter Parade, is a MGM classic directly from the golden age of Hollywood. The 1948 film is the only one in which we can see the talented actors and dancers Fred Astaire and Judy Garland dance together, at a very high point in their career. Romance, nostalgia and music come together in this milestone of cinema: the two protagonists played by Astaire and Garland get to know each other during the holidays and fall in love, until they seal their love during the Easter parade.

The Pigeon that took Rome (Pranzo di Pasqua)

Pranzo di Pasqua, starring Charlton Heston and Elsa Martinelli. After the landing of Anzio two American soldiers arrive in Rome, settle in the home of an anti-fascist to send information to the Allied command and become engaged to the man's daughters. They start sending messages with a racing pigeon, but on Easter day one of the girls kills the pigeons for the ritual lunch. Italy seen from Hollywood with all the commonplaces and without great gags.

Rise of the Guardians - Peter Ramsey

Rise of the Guardians is an animation, adventure, fantasy film from 2012, directed by Peter Ramsey, William Joyce, with Jude Law and Hugh Jackman. 

When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.

Peter Rabbit

Based on the books by Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit; his three sisters: Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail and their cousin Benjamin enjoy their days harassing Mr McGregor in his vegetable garden. Until one day he dies and no one can stop them roaming across his house and lands for a full day or so. However, when one of Mr McGregor's relatives inherits the house and goes to check it out, he finds much more than he bargained for. What ensues, is a battle of wills between the new Mr McGregor and the rabbits. But when he starts to fall in love with Bea, a real lover of all nature, his feelings towards them begin to change.

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Who framed Roger Rabbit - Easter can be great opportunity to watch this movie again.

The film is a mixed technique, merging cartoons and actors in flesh and blood.

The story is set in the 1940s Hollywood: Roger Rabbit is an "animated actor" who has difficulties in working for an alleged betrayal of his beautiful wife, Jessica Rabbit. Eddie Valiant, a detective with problems of depression and alcoholism, investigates the story and discovers Jessica with the owner of Cartoonia, Marvin Acme. But when the latter is found dead, all suspicions fall on poor Roger.

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