Why not add Italian Designer Decor to your home?

Designer brands who also design beautiful home interiors. Whether Armani Casa, Gianfranco  Ferré Home or Missoni Casa, there is plenty of inspiration to give your home that special touch!


The global home-ware market is very lucrative with average annual turnover of $649 million. Most of the Italian Designer brands have a side line focused on home-ware and interior design. Their images are well published on social media. Giorgio Armani was one of the first Italian designers to establish a home-ware brand, Armani/Casa being launched in Milan in 2000.


Deliberate shapes, linear but soft, that convey substance and elegance blended together in luxurious living experiences. With the home collection ranging from furniture to textiles and wall coverings to accessories and decorative objects in this typical Armani style. In addition, Armani/Casa also offers an interior design service, if you wish to remodel a room or your entire home.


Gianfranco Ferré Home

Founded in 2014, the Gianfranco Ferré Home line is known for the refined, exclusive and elegant furnishings, expression of an varied and timeless style. The creative heritage of the designer Gianfranco Ferré, the “Architect of fashion”, icon of the Italian style and genius of geometric patterns and impeccable quality, is present in the elegant details, in the use of geometries and in the predominance of menswear fabrics such as twill, Prince of Wales and pinstripe, used as a privileged upholstery for sofas and armchairs, together with leather and nubuck. The deepest essence of the brand can be found in some key factors such as the attention to details, the refinement of the materials and fabrics, the high quality of the craftsmanship, combined with experimentation in the use of the most innovative techniques.

Missoni Home

The home, is Rosita Missoni’s great passion. Within the MissoniHome project, which she has personally cared for since 1997, are the shared philosophy and vision of the original brand. And her idea of continuous evolution. The collection covers home furnishings dominated by the unmistakable decorative fabrics, furnishing forms in interior spaces are versatile and modular and can also easily migrate outdoors. Rosita Missoni’s collection has a way with color and stands out for its sunny personality and creative spirit. The MissoniHome collection, designed by Rosita Missoni, is produced and distributed by T&J Vesto, based in Varese, a leading Italian company in home textiles and furnishings, since the early 1980s. 

Etro Home

The ETRO Home Interiors furniture line was founded in 2018 in partnership with Gruppo Jumbo. Its inspiration and references to mythology with Pegaso as the emblem, the symbol of ETRO is apparent in every design. The collection of home accessories show the Paisley and oriental-inspired patterns decorating quilts and throws, adding a touch of style to bath towels and bedspreads. Floral prints accentuate the rich range of cushions, embellished with tassels or fringes. 

Gucci Décor

With direction from Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Gucci recently launched its collection of homeware goods- Gucci Décor, including tables, armchairs, decorative objects and wallpaper. The Gucci Décor collection showcases Alessandro Michele’s penchant for flamboyance. All of the patterns, colors, designs and decorative tropes were adopted off the house’s catwalk, re-imagined for furniture and home accessories. Geometric patterns from previous fashion collections found new life on folding partitions and silk wallpapers while the jacquard's from the ready-to-wear collections end up as the upholstery for the drawers.

Fendi Casa

The Fendi Casa collections are created by imagining the places in which the men or women who choose our fashion might live. It is a journey into the identity of Fendi. Fendi Casa aims to highlight Fendi’s craftsmanship, innovation and creativity depicting thee inside the world’s most exclusive homes.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

Known for his branded fashion line, and his  glamorous social life. It is not surprising that the key themes from his Pret-a-Porter collections are reflected also in his Home Interior collection. Animal prints, luxurious materials, patchwork of different textures and colours. His innovative approach to leather printing in the 1970's established him as leading designer for the socialites and famous. 

Flagrant and opulent - the Roberto Cavalli Home Interior collection is fabulously differentiated from other designer brands. The range covers everything from furniture, lighting, wallpaper, to bed linen, tableware and bathrobes - all in that unmistakable Cavalli style. Roberto Cavalli Home is a lifestyle collection that will bring glamour your home.

The history of brand Roberto Cavalli has always been linked to the use of animal patterns and expressed in an inimitable patchwork of colors and patterns. The artisan tradition in leather manufacturing distinguishes Roberto Cavalli Maison’s leather goods which are a key element in the home collection. With their strong decorative appeal, the sculptural metal works are unique and precious elements that perfectly transform spaces and add that special opulent Roberto Cavalli style.

Versace Home

Replicating the traditional Versace motifs - the iconic Medusa head can be found on almost all of Versace’s luxury home ware designs. A symbol of power, strength and beauty it encompasses the true Versace vision of tradition & classical nuance along with the desire to amaze with originality and style. Gianni Versace's love for art and design led to the development of an innovative interior design service that customers and developers to create spaces  with that distinctive Versace style.

The fashion house’s signature opulent glamour has also been translated into luxury hotels in both Dubai and Australia’s Gold Coast. 

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