Venezia - The key destination to discover the secrets of Italian artisanship

Anybody passionate about learning and observing authentic Italian artisan-ship, has to travel to Venice. Venice offers a wide spectrum of different artisan workshops and ateliers, where traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of these skills are unique to Venice. We will highlight a few of these artisan workshops, to hopefully inspire your next trip to Venice.

In the Renaissance, Venice was a center of trade where you could get literally anything, but from a manufacturing point of view it became known for the famous Murano glass. Thanks to Venice.design, we will highlight some additional artisan crafts to be discovered in Venice. 

Back in 2017, as part of the Biennale, the Venice Design Show was taking place, which involved 42 artisan workshops being featured and summarized in map, shown below and online at venice-design.com.

Declare Venice Handbags

Declare (co-founded by Omar Pavanello and Emanuel Cestaro) is a premium Italian fashion brand and is best known for its iconic leather handbags and accessories. Faithful to its origin, the brand designs and makes all of their products in Italy. Declare’s contemporary showroom is located in San Polo and has an innovative design culture, which is unique in spirit and connected to its Venetian island location. www.dclr.it

Rubelli - Masters in Venetian tapestry and textiles

Rubelli is characteristic of the extraordinary expertise of Italian fabric designers, the design house is well regarded in the international textile industry. 89% of fabrics are manufactured in Como, Italy, and the wool fabrics in Switzerland and New Zealand; suffice to say that Maison Rubelli doesn't compromise on the quality of its fabrics. It's with the same passion for quality that Rubelli launched a range of luxury wallpapers. Rubelli, the Venetian family-run company now in its fifth generation, has been creating, producing and selling furnishing products, in particular fabrics, for residential and contract use since 1889.

With its brands – Rubelli Venezia, the newly introduced Rubelli Casa, Donghia, Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli and the Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli licence - Rubelli as a company represents one of the most important names on the international interior design scene.

Rubelli is present in Venice, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Brussels, Moscow, Dubai and in 12 US cities with its own showrooms and, via an extensive distribution network, in over 80 countries.

Canestrelli Mirrors - Made in Venice

Inspired by his family’s artisanal history, Stefano Coluccio designs and creates elegant mirrors. The designer reinvents the object of narcissism with experimental designs of the bulls-eye mirrors. His shop is located near the Accademia Gallery in the heart of Venice, and every part of the mirrors is handmade by Coluccio. www.venicemirrors.com

Daniela Ghezzo Handmade Shoes

Daniela Ghezzo’a artisan shop has some of the highest quality footwear. With unusual shapes, distinct colors and soft, shiny leathers, her shoes catch the eye. Influenced by master craftsman Rolando Segalin, Daniela has created her own style and continues the tradition of custom making every pair. Her internationally recognized shoes are comfortable and light. www.danielaghezzo.it

Bevilacqua - Authentic Venetian Textiles

Luigi Bevilacqua continues Venice’s most ancient fabric traditions using original 18th-century weaving looms. With patterns from different countries and centuries, the velvets, brocades, damasks and satins found here mimic those of the past. The premises host 25 hand-operated looms, and visitors are welcome to have a look. The roots of the Bevilacqua family in the textile world date back to 1499. The actual Tessitura was founded by Luigi Bevilacqua in 1875, after recovering some looms and machines once used by the Silk Guild of the Republic of Venice. 

Emilia Burano - the most exquisite lace in the world

Emilia Burano is a Venetian lace-making company. It started in the 1800’s with great grandmother Emilia, and the company still operates as a family-owned factory. No longer confined to producing just lace, Emilia Burano also makes fine bespoke home linens, decorating some of the world’s most eminent residences, hotels, yachts and private jets. www.emiliaburano.it

Dangirute Raceviciute Ceramics - Incredible ceramic art

Located in Dorsoduro, Danghyra is a boutique as elegant and shiny as the contemporary ceramics it houses. The refined glasses, cups and vases are 100% handcrafted in Venice by Dangirute Raceviciute. The Lithuanian-born designer uses the finest materials (most notably gold) to create ornately gilded tableware and decorative objects. www.danghyra.com


Fortuny is a Venetian textile institution. Its fabrics are still being produced on the Giudecca Island factory, which was founded by Mariano Fortuny almost a century ago. In order to preserve Fortuny’s trade secrets, the factory itself does not allow visitors. However, those interested are welcome to stop by the showroom, where you will find an array of fabrics and textile art and designs. http://fortuny.com/venice/

Jesurum Venezia 1870 - The finest linen in Italy

 1870 Michelangelo Jesurum first opened a lace-making workshop in the ancient Church of Sant’Apollonia in Venice.  Thanks to its success in reviving this great heritage of art and skill, Jesurum rapidly achieved International recognition. Jesurum has been and continues to be an exclusive brand, managed over the years by families who have worked with dedication and spirit of innovation. The core business is still the same over the years, maintaining the mission set by Michelangelo Jesurum himself: to produce and distribute undisputed quality for the most prestigious customers. In over 145 years of history, Jesurum has always produced exclusive household linens with the highest level of fabrics, embroideries and top quality finishings, all made and produced in Italy. Jesurum uses raw materials declared harmless by the leading international certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Take a break after all the shopping in Venice

Right in the heart of Venice, between Santa Lucia train station and the Rialto Bridge, and just a few steps away from the Casino in the Cannaregio sestiere, you will find 'La Columbina', serves traditional Venetian cuisine with a modern gourmet touch. Also a great spot for an Aperitivi. Or for something more casual, try 'Bacaro Quebrado', a typical Venetian tavern with cicchetteria, located in the heart of romantic Venice, on Calle Larga dei Bari, near the Santa Lucia train station.

Bacaro Quebrado is a typical Venetian tavern with cicchetteria, located in the heart of romantic Venice, on Calle Larga dei Bari, near the Santa Lucia railway station. An intimate place, with a few tables, to enjoy a simple aperitif with friends or a romantic dinner. 

The splendid Murano Artists

Murano is world famous for its Murano glass production and factories. There are numerous ateliers offering tours and demonstrations. Very prestigious Murano glass artisans such as Barovier & Toso, and Venini are must sees!

Barovier & Toso - Sensational Murano glass art

Barovier & Toso is one of the oldest family businesses in the world, founded in 1295 as Barovier. It is thought that the company originated in Treviso. The Toso family had been established in Murano since around 1350. With Murano’s longest glass-making experience in their past and a creative team that offers nothing but the best in quality and innovation, Barovier & Toso guarantees every customer an artistic yet professional solution to even the smallest project. 

Venini - Murano Glass Artisanship

In 1921, Paolo Venini, who was a Milanese lawyer with a long family tradition in glassmaking, founded the company that would take the name VENINI with Giacomo Cappellin, an antique dealer. The company was established with the goal of transforming the classic craft of the glassmaker into an innovative art that could quickly dominate the scene at the Triennale exhibitions in Milan, the Biennale in Venice, and of exhibitions all over Europe and the United States. Since then, VENINI has transformed precious silica sand into molten glass, which is then blown and crafted by hand, reflecting the perfect balance between traditional techniques and contemporary art and design. Precious “Made in Murano” creations that stem from centuries of skill. The master glassmakers devote most part of their lives to glassmaking, constantly improving their skills and passing their knowledge down to the future generations, just a few elite glassmakers. Venini celebrated its 90th anniversary with a traveling exhibition project that stopped in several cities around the world: Venice, Milan, Shanghai and New York

OMG - Original Murano Glass Online

Murano Glass Jewelry also offers some beautiful upmarket design. Some designs we share here, available via Originalmuranoglass online.

Murano - Where do go for a nice lunch?

When you have visited the Murano workshops and the Glass Museum, why not treat yourself to a fabulous lunch at the Osteria Al Duomo Murano, 2 minutes from the Glas Museum. Beautiful outdoor area to sit, and well known for its seafood.

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