Let's explore the mysterious red in Italian fashion

Valentino Garavani, the famous fashion designer starting using red, a color influenced by a visit to Barcelona Opera, where all the costumes were in red. In his first fashion show at Palazzo Pitti in Florence in Jul 1962, he launched this color for his collection. It was so successful that for the first time, French Vogue dedicated its cover to an Italian designer. From that day, the color was called Valentino Red. It is a primary red with notes of deep orange that add impact and intensive tone. One could argue a bit showy but not overboard, and certainly a differentiator to other fashion brands, becoming the trademark color for his fashion house. Each of his fashion shows would end with a procession of the models wearing Valentino-red evening gowns.

Other Italian designers love using red in their collections, such as Elisabetta Franchi or Luisa Spagnoli, Marni or theme for perfume, as Ferregamo.

Red in Italian fashion features in every season, whether summer or winter. Most of the well known Italian fashion designers love to include red in their collections for day or evening wear - either tone in tone or in combination with another color. From Armani to Dolce Gabbana or Max Mara, red is an integral part of the favorite Italian fashion colors.

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