How to emulate amazing Capri Villa interiors?

The light on Capri is extraordinary, so to emulate the Capri Villa look, the key are white walls. Combined with furnishings in the colors of the sea: turquoise, acqua, light blues and greens. Furniture, ideally white again with color accents for cushions, carpets and home decor items. Given the importance of the lemon on Capri, accents can also leverage yellow, or if a coral theme is added, a touch of coral red for furnishings.

The other key component are the tiles, as shown here at Casa Solaro on Capri design by Matteo Thun. Typically using designs with a maioliche theme, such as the compositions by Militello Ceramiche. They offer a vast range of colors and patterns for tiles, as well as for tableware.

The other key aspect is wrought iron outdoor furniture. This is standard for most villas on Capri, due to its elegant look but also being suitable to the climate. There are quality Italian designers and manufacturers of wrought iron outdoor furniture, such as Alberti Collezioni from Florence or Gaia Ferro Forgiato from Siena.

The final touch is achieved by adding decor items in line with the desired look, whether blue for an ocean theme, or coral or yellow for highlighting the lemon or maioliche theme, or coral. Shown here from Militello Ceramiche or below Eureka Capri Ceramiche d'Arte.

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