Addio Monica Vitti! A great Italian actress and comedian.

Monica Vitti, born in 1931 and Roman by birth, was studying at the Accademia Nazionale d'arte Drammatica at a time when Italy was the center of European auteur films. In 1957 Michelangelo Antonioni shot "Il grido/The Scream"; Vitti dubbed for Antonioni, and the director immediately saw that he had a future star in front of him. She became a star in Antonioni's films, with whom she was also privately involved for a number of years. Vitti and Antonioni shot several other works with Monica that would become classics of the 1960s:  L’avventura, La notte e L’eclisse. 

After separating from Antonioni, both artistically and privately, Vitti succeeded in what only a few actors succeed: she built up a second career, beyond the auteur film, as a comedy actress with perfect timing, at a time when there were almost only male comedians in Italy .

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